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(Originally published 2015)

Recently, one of our reseller customers told us that she often has our live auctions on instead of the radio. We were delighted and amazed at the comment because the thought that we might fill that space in someone’s life had never been part of the business plan. Of course, we are a family company with decades of history, a proud heritage and a great many customers whose loyalty we would never take for granted. But winning ‘fans’ not just customers was a bit unexpected. We love it, though!

In many ways, I suppose that is what loyalty to business actually is. People who have built up a deeper relationship, trust and affinity with you than merely using the service. It is a given that we get excited by the great variety of the work we are involved in. Most days take you by surprise, and you can never quite predict what is going to come in next, or the quirky questions you might get posed from time to time. But for someone else to be equally interested in what we are selling (with no intention of buying at the time) simply as entertainment, is quite extraordinary.

Reality-radio, online-soap and no one gets hurt…

This customer went on to describe the familiarity and the suspense, in equal measure, that she enjoys by listening to the show. OK, we might not play music, she explained, but we do bring some real-life, real-time drama into her office. She can be sure that the plot will be delivered in a friendly voice. There will be intrigue, drama, humour and an emotional draw. People will win some and lose some as they battle it out for the bargains, and she can guarantee that no one will be left clinging onto life in a cliff-hanger at the end…

Truly engaged customers are those that tell others…

As a reseller or trader business, there is a lesson here for you. As our business has gradually gone almost exclusively online and we have embraced its complexities and opportunities it has meant a lot of learning, some challenges and letting go of our own traditions. But we have never lost sight of our values. The business has had to adapt to new market forces, financial scenarios and buyer habits. We introduced a website, online auctions, payment systems and extended ranges. Our hours have also changed, from three or four years ago, as have the demands and skill requirements that our staff are faced with each day.

Even our customers have changed!

We used to sell primarily to end-user customers, but now our focus is 100% on the reseller community. But one thing that hasn’t changed ‘and never will’ is our commitment to our customers. The business has been built upon knowing and looking after our customers’ needs. We have changed to serve them better, and we have always listened to what they want. In turn, they tell others about us, and most of our new business comes from referrals.

That is why we were so delighted to hear of this customer’s listening habits. We want nothing more than to pass on great value and profit into our customers’ businesses.

Thank you for reading and please tune in for another thrilling installment next week…

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