Trending now: taking your indoors outdoors

Whether it was the record-breaking summer of 2018 or just a celebrity-driven trend, there is no doubt that people in the UK are moving outdoors, so to speak. Gardens are now often serious design projects in the same way as refitting the spare room, refurbing the living room or repurposing the second bedroom.

All over the country, people are jazzing up their patios, tidying up their summerhouses and decorating their boundary lines. From garden furniture for eating outdoors to comfortable chairs and sofas for lounging in the sunshine, the designer’s touch matters outdoors, now more than ever. All over the country, durable chairs and tables, beautifully finished and stylishly designed are adorning blade-perfect artificial turf or the finest wood-effect decking that you’ve ever seen. Or maybe your flavour and taste leans more towards the traditional wicker or weave effect of a table and chairs set fit for a country manor house lawn.

Whatever the weather…
Gazebos are the perfect addition to any garden gathering. These versatile and adaptable accessories can be used for a variety of purposes and can easily be moved or erected all over the garden. And there is now so much more variety in the gazebo-world than the traditional white, wall-less model which first springs to mind. There are cooking gazebos, designed to protect a BBQ from the potential of rain (we do live in the UK after all). You can get extra strength windproof gazebos to keep the elements at bay. One of our favourites is the summer gazebo with net side walls: ideal for keeping flies, bugs and other uninvited guests away from your strawberries and cream.

If gazebos are not your thing, but you still like the idea of shelter from the rain or cover from the scorching British sunshine (however rare those days are!) you could also try another on-trend structural accessory. Pergolas were originally used for growing things like figs and grapes but have also been used as living spaces down through the centuries. Today, in the ‘take your indoors outdoors’ approach to garden design, people are using them to hang lighting and decorative items or as shade or shelter by adding a roof.

Lighting up your garden world
Where once upon a time, you needed an electrician to complete an extravagant garden lighting project, the LED revolution has made the whole set up easier. The quality of the wiring, the ease of laying it out and the reliability (including weatherproofing) of the LED lights themselves mean that great design is all you really need. And if you don’t want to worry about the wiring at all, there are a whole range of rechargeable battery or solar-charged lighting options available – designed specifically to make gardens beautiful.

Swimming pools and hot tubs
Of course, if you really want to spice up your garden refurb and you have the space, you could add a swimming pool, hot tub, grill cabin, or sauna. These classy additions are often the real key to making a summer staycation the ultimate in both fun and relaxation. After all, who wants to sit in a scorching hot car on a Bank Holiday weekend or during the first week of the school summer break, when you have all the holiday luxuries you’ll ever need in your back yard?

If you are planning to make something special out of your garden space and you want to save a few pounds for a rainy day (or in other words a gazebo day) – take a look at our specialist outdoor auctions. With many of our products going for 50% or less of the retail price, you are almost guaranteed to find a bargain.

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