The longest January sale ever…

2019 has started off at quite a pace for us, and there is lots of exciting stock coming into the warehouse. It goes without saying that Christmas is always one of the busiest times of the year for us, but this year the rush just didn’t stop. We did, of course, manage to take a few days off and enjoyed the festive family fun away from the buzz of the saleroom and had a great time. As soon as we opened the door on the first day back, however, the phone started ringing as vendor after vendor was trying to get through offering us their surplus stock.

Much of what we are taking in is similar to what we were selling before Christmas, gift sets, electronics, toys and the like, but there are also a whole lot of new lines too. The exciting thing is that the hammer prices seem to be even lower, so those smart resellers who purchase stock strategically (and I know there are a growing number of you around) now is the time to check out the sales.

If you don’t get time, though, don’t worry, because I suspect that our January sales might last until Easter this year!

For all you plan-ahead resellers

All smart sellers know that end-users often buy for occasions. So, even if January is too early to plan for next year’s Christmas shopping, here are a few dates for your calendar in 2019 that you might find useful. I agree that a year in advance is probably a little extreme, but I don’t think it can hurt to have a little bit of advanced warning, can it?

·         Friday 25th January – Burn’s Night (just in case you have Scottish customers)

·         Thursday 14th February – Valentine’s Day (always an important sales date)

·         Monday 25th February – The Oscars (are your customers planning a showbiz party)

·         Friday 1st March – St David’s Day (we mustn’t forget the Welsh)

·         Sunday 31st March – Mothering Sunday (potentially the most important day of the year)

·         Sunday 17th March – St Patrick’s Day (as if you need an excuse for another party)

·         Sunday 21st April – Easter Sunday (did anyone say chocolate?)

·         Tuesday 23rd April – St George’s Day (we’ll be flying the flag – will you?)

·         Sunday 16th June – Father’s Day (I’m looking forward to that one)

·         Thursday 31st October – Halloween (it’s spooky!)

·         Tuesday 5th November – Bonfire Night (it’ll go down with a bang, I’m sure)

·         Sunday 10th November – Remembrance Sunday (lest we forget!)

·         Saturday 30th November – St Andrew’s Day (for anyone who missed Burn’s night)

·         Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day (and it starts all over again)

Hopefully, that will give you a bit of a heads-up on some of the things that you can plan to stock up for in the coming weeks and months. We are always looking for seasonal products to help increase your sales and profits, so please keep checking back to find out what’s new in stock.

Have a great 2019!

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