Product Grading Guide

Each Lot will be listed with a grade (shown in the title/description) which will describe the condition of the item. If there is a ‘V’ at the beginning of the listing, this is to notify that this item is subject to VAT.

Brand New: This will include all brand new stock, usually with factory or warehouse seal in-tact if appropriate. It can be expected to be in full working order. Sometimes these items may have a supplier or manufacturer warranty.

Grade A: This will include brand new items, obsolete stock, end of range, clearance stock, manufacturer and factory refurbished (graded). The condition can be regarded as new/unused and is usually (but not always) within the original packaging. The original packaging may or may not be complete with a factory seal intact. It can be expected to be in full working order. Minor imperfections which will not affect the overall performance of the item may be present. Sometimes these items will have a supplier or manufacturer warranty.

Grade B: This will include new and factory refurbished stock (graded). Items may be in the original or a generic box. Items will usually be complete and with accessories, although minor parts or accessories may not be present. These items will be expected to be in working order but may have blemishes or cosmetic marks that do not affect the overall performance. Sometimes these items may have a supplier or manufacturer warranty.

Grade C: This will include items both new or showing signs of use. Items may or may not be in original packaging or the packaging may be missing. Accessories may be present or missing and the items may have cosmetic marks. Minor parts may not be present but generally the item will be functional, albeit that some work may be required. Generally these items can be used but may benefit from refurbishment. This category can include customer return items.

Grade D: This will include both functional and non-functional items. Accessories and packaging may or may not be present. Generally these items will require refurbishment and the quality may be as high as categories A, B and C. Items will generally be useable, but may require further parts or accessories.

Grade U: This category will include unchecked customer returns, Lost and Found property, seized property, house clearance effects, new, used or damaged items, incomplete items and salvage stock (for spares/repairs). Sometimes these items may be in perfect condition but they are unchecked.

The above is only a guide to what condition items can be expected to be in. It is not a guarantee that any item will match exactly the criteria above and all purchasers are advised to fully inspect or enquire about items prior to bidding.

Please note: we make every effort to obtain realistic RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices) and ISPs (Internet Sales Prices) from either the Vendor, or genuine sources (eBay, Amazon, Large Retailers etc); however, these prices will fluctuate over time and we strongly recommend that the buyer makes their own enquiries.