National Home Security Month

It seems like there is a National Day for everything nowadays, and some of them are rather weird (or wonderful, depending on your viewpoint). National ‘Dress up your pet’ day arrives on 14th January each year; 20th June is national ‘Hike with a geek’ day where you persuade your tech-addicted friends to go outside, and ‘Harvey Wallbanger’ day on 8th November pretty much speaks for itself.

On top of this commercial or fun-driven frivolity, various organisations, individuals and business sectors have appointed entire weeks and months to focus on their areas of interest. Some of these are little more than a transparent marketing push, but others have genuine value.

October is National Home Security Month, and we think this is an initiative worth embracing.

As the longer nights set in, October is the perfect month for us all to be reminded of the importance of security. The National Home Security Month website is full of great hints, tips and solutions to increase the safety and security for you and your loved ones and around your property. But there is often a cost associated with implementing these suggestions.

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