Looking for the ultimate teen den?

Most teenagers want two things from their parents – space and freedom. Parents, on the other hand, want to keep in touch with their kids’ movements and know that their teenagers are safe when they aren’t under their watchful eye. An on-trend ‘teen den’ could represent the perfect cross-generational solution.

A home from home…

What if your teenagers had access to a home from home in your own garden? In the same way that younger children might like to play in a den or a treehouse, what if there was a cool hut or cabin just for them? It would also be a place for them to invite friends over and hang out within calling distance of your back door.

Getting creative and firing up the fashion

There are a wide variety of options for customising your teen den. You could wire in a screen and connect it to the wi-fi for gaming or Netflix, or it might become a great study space or creative area where they can catch up with homework. You might even get lucky and find that all the local teenagers stream in to enjoy the group revision opportunity that has emerged in the area (you never know!).

An electric fire and LED lights could be installed for those colder, darker winter evenings, and why not let them choose their own décor to keep up with the latest Insta-look? With the availability and setup ease of Bluetooth speakers and smart hubs, the possibilities for the coolest gathering place in town are endless.

The beauty of a well-built wooden cabin or cube in the garden is that it can be adapted to a fit a wide and diverse range of uses and activities, all-year-round.

If you have a sporty teenager, then other options for your garden building are to turn it into a mini gym or a Yoga space. With an electricity supply fitted these could easily a house running machine, spinning bike or a whole range of weights. With a bit of real creativity, you might even be able to make the room into a dual-use facility, where you can alternate how it gets used during family downtime.

Luxury Garden Buildings at less than 50% of RRP?

A luxury garden building represents a significant, but worthwhile, investment. Buying your teen den in one of our timed Online Auctions auction represents a great opportunity to own your own slice of outdoor luxury at a fraction of what you’d pay a retailer. We can of course never guarantee a price – the bidders at any given auction decide that. However, buyers in our timed online auctions often secure their garden buildings for less than 50% of the RRP.

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We’ve also put together some tips on buying a garden building

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