Like Buying Apples from an Orchard

We love an analogy here at Haddon & James, especially one that is as fresh as one of your five-a-day. This one is a great comparison for understanding the difference between wholesale clearance stocks and high street retail sales. You might even notice a super-subtle apple/Apple™ comparison…

The analogy starts with a question. Would the average person buy apples from an orchard or would they visit the local supermarket? Of course, most of us would be frequenters of the high street options. A second question is whether that same shopper would buy a barrel-load or just enough to fill a fruit bowl? For most families, we would suggest that buying enough apples to last a week or two would suffice.

Some customers do buy apples in wholesale lots, straight from the orchard, but these tend to be the retailers themselves. They will buy large quantities and sell them to their health-conscious consumers in ones, twos, and bags of six.

Comparing apples with apples…

While a forward-thinking orchard may choose to open a farm shop with a pick-your-own facility, that certainly wouldn’t constitute the most significant part of their business. In their operational hub there are unlikely to be any small half-dozen bags. Instead, you would see nothing but boxes and boxes of freshly picked fruit, stacked onto pallets and ready for delivery.

That is exactly how an online auction company, specialising in wholesale clearance, liquidation or bankrupt stock operates. We focus on creating fruitful opportunities for our reseller customers by supplying them bulk stock that they can sell on to their customers in smaller amounts. We also run a type of ‘farm shop’ where consumers can benefit from the lower prices directly, with the chance to secure incredible bargains on quality goods.

From tiny seeds grow great big Apple trees

Maybe this blog post has got you thinking that you could sell phones, laptops, TVs, perfume, designer watches, jewellery, garden furniture, toys, or kitchen equipment to other people hungry for a bargain. Maybe you are thinking, ‘what if I owned access to an orchard?’ and you know lots of people who like Apples (or other tech products and quality goods).

Many of our reseller customers started off their trading life as a consumer buying an ‘Apple’ or two for themselves and ended up selling them to other people. If you look at sites such as Ebay, many of the sellers operating there buy their stock from online auction companies, like us. We bring the orchard stock to the people who know how to sell it on to their own hungry crowds.

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