It’s not cheap – It’s just darn good value!

Several times a week (and counting) a customer asks what is wrong with our stock that we can sell it so cheaply. I quickly correct them, of course, and explain the difference between cheap and good value. Now, we love speaking to customers here at Haddon and James and quite enjoy telling you all about the great prices in our latest sale, but we really don’t like talking ‘cheap’.

So hopefully, this post will clarify, once and for all, exactly why our prices are so amazing.

Over 95% of the items in our sales are surplus stock, discontinued lines or products with slightly damaged packaging. In other words, it is new (not nearly new or as a good as…), but brand new stock that the retailers can no longer sell on the High Street. (The other 5% are things like unclaimed stolen goods from the Police, or things that private sellers no longer need.)

We only sell good quality products!

Here is a prime example that we came across recently. A reseller called to say how delighted he was with his purchase at the last sale. He had brought twenty speakers that had been selling on Amazon at £90 each, but he had paid just £16 each. So, even if he sold them on at half the Amazon price, he would still be making a 200% profit on his investment. The items were brand new, in unopened, undamaged boxes and all he had to do was remove the promotional stickers that had been put on them in the shop where they had been sitting in a storeroom for several months. Simple!

That scenario describes most of what we sell each week through our online and saleroom auctions. Obviously, the margins might vary, but we only buy stock that we believe will create profit opportunities for our customers.

iPads at ideal prices

IPads are another item about which we are often asked, “what is wrong with them?” or occasionally even, “do they work?” Of course, they do! They are fully functional, possibly ex-lease, or ex-showroom products, sometimes with a new screen or minor blemishes – and often even with a warranty. This could be anywhere between three months and two years, but there will be something to guarantee it works when it arrives (the length of the warranty will probably reflect in the price).

More and more, a lot of our technology products are being sold with some sort of warranty, whether it is reconditioned, shelf-stock or brand new. Most of the LG televisions, for example now come with a twelve-month warranty. If you want a personal recommendation, I would say that these are some of our best selling products and represent some stunning bargains (aka ‘value for money’).

The hottest quality bargains are selling like hot cakes

Being such good quality stock, the very best items usually fly out of the saleroom very quickly so you will have to be quick to get a look in. But don’t worry because everything we sell is good value and because of that we are able to maintain the standard. In fact, we routinely turn away the offer of selling damaged goods or poor standard stock, simply because we can!

We have built a reputation for great stock, and we are determined to maintain it!

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