How can I be sure auctioned goods are genuine?

In a world full of fake news and cheap imitations, we are never surprised when people ask us this question. After all, some of our branded items are so low in price that we can understand why people might wonder! Everything that we auction is 100% genuine. In fact, we can even occasionally sell brand new, branded stock at lower than the manufacturers’ original cost price.

So how is it possible to auction branded goods at such low prices?

Firstly, a professional, legally registered company, with decades of trading under their belt, simply could not sell fake goods. The business would be shut down by Trading Standards, and they would be doing time rather than doing great deals for their customers!

The answer is that space is money and time is of the essence for manufacturers.

Imagine that you make ultra-HD TVs, and each product is replaced by a new model roughly every two years. To keep production costs low, and to avoid running out of stock, you build these TVs in bulk. So, you make more than you need. When they need to make room for the next updated model, you create discounts and offers to clear the existing stock. However, let’s say you are left with 5% of the original stock unsold.

You need shelf space for the new stock, which will also be made in bulk. So, you need to have an outlet to clear the end of line stock. The unlikelihood of you being able to sell this stock through the usual retail channels means that, within reason, you will want to move it on for whatever price you can get. It is simply a case of cost versus space.

It is a win-win-win!

As specialists in the supply of surplus and wholesale clearance stock via Online Auction, many items in our sales come to us through a similar route to the one described above. This means everyone wins!

  • Our suppliers win, because by having an outlet for their end of line items they can continue to produce new stock in bulk and not sell out.
  • Our customers win, when they purchase stock at a fraction of the market value and sell it on to their customers.
  • Our customers’ customers win, with access to a treasure trove of value prices in online stores, market stalls or retail shops.

Refurbs make great sense too…

Another way that savvy buyers can obtain genuine branded products (particularly electronic items) at great prices, is via the refurbishment market.

These products are often in near-perfect condition (but it’s always wise to read the Grading description). They may be ex-display or demonstration models with minor imperfections which will not affect the overall performance. These items are often indistinguishable from brand new ones, and sometimes come with a manufacturer or supplier warranty.

See our Product Grading Guide for information on the various grades of product you can find in our Online Auctions.