Why haven’t I received my items/an item?

Occasionally we may be unable to supply won lots for the following reasons:

Our business is very fast moving and the number of items of a particular line of stock can vary from just a few to many thousands. Eventually everything sells through to zero stock and it may be that as the final stocks are sold, we have to disappoint some buyers.

Other reasons can include unexpected damage to goods, numbers discrepancy, supplier default, incorrect supply etc. We’re sorry if this happens and we can’t offer a suitable replacement, in which case we’ll process a refund to you for that item.

Our payment deadlines mean that we can keep the goods flowing and our buyers happy. If you don’t pay your invoice on time, we’ll make a charge to your registered credit/debit card and send you TWO separate emails to let you know:

One email will be from the payment system to inform you of the charge being made to your card.

The second email will be titled “IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED”. In this case, you must respond to confirm@haddonandjames.co.uk stating your confirmation that you acknowledge the charge and confirming your address. We cannot send your order until you do this and you goods will be liable for storage until you contact us.

A late payment fee will apply to cover the additional work: