What are the options for payment?

In order to be able to bid in our sales, we must verify the details you have provided. This is an electronic check to verify that your address and card details match and that you are a genuine bidder. If for any reason this check should fail, we will be unable to allow you to take part in our Online Auctions.

Some auctions require a deposit in order to be able to take part. This is fully refundable should you not manage to win anything, and will be used against your invoice if you do win. Depending on your bidding activity, we may also require a further deposit during the auction. These measures are to protect us and other bidders against fraudulent bidders. Once we know you, we’ll usually waive the deposit – typically after 3 or more successful transactions.

Once the auction has ended, we’ll email your invoice to you. We suggest you save our email address in your favourites to avoid this email falling into your Spam or Junk folder.

We’ll also send a separate email with a payment link. This will enable you to settle your invoice quickly and we’ll be able to get on with packing and sending your goods straight away. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, we’ll also include our bank details. If you choose this option, please add your invoice number to the payment details, this will help us allocate your payment faster.

The payment deadlines are usually 24 hours after the auction concludes, but some sales have slightly longer due to the week-end.

Auction concludes on:                              Due for payment on:

Monday                                                            Tuesday 5 pm

Tuesday                                                            Wednesday 5 pm

Wednesday                                                     Thursday 5 pm

Thursday                                                          Friday 5 pm

Friday                                                                 Monday 5 pm

Saturday                                                           Monday 5 pm

Sunday                                                              Monday 5 pm

If we haven’t received your payment by the deadline, we’ll make a charge to your registered card for the full amount of the invoice, plus an additional charge (increased Buyers Premium). We’ll also send you two more emails: one to inform you of the charge, and one to ask you to confirm that you have accepted this charge.

If we are unable to make a charge to your card and we do not receive payment for your invoice, we’ll make a note on your account which will be visible to other auctioneers. You will subsequently be prevented from being able to take part in any further Online Auctions. Storage costs for your lots will apply from the day after the auction for unpaid accounts.

If we have not heard from you in 7 days, we will pass your invoice on to a debt collection agency. Your storage costs will continue to be added to your debt. Our debt collection service will then administer the debt, which will move to a legal process after 30 days.

For more information about the bidding process, please watch our explainer videos here.