Please explain the Buying process

All items are sold by timed Public Auction. These can be accessed through our website by clicking on the ‘’Auctions’’ tab in the header, or through Ibidder and Bidspotter portals.

  • To view our current online auctions, click here.
  • Choose the sale that you wish to take part in and click on the Lots to view more details.
  • The item and description will be displayed, along with the current price the bidding is at and how long the item has to go until bidding finishes. Each Lot will provide a grading, from Brand New to Grade U (untested). Items marked with a V indicate that the item carries VAT. For more information on this, please see our Grading Guide.
  • To bid, enter your maximum bid and simply click on the bid button. The system will then move the bid up to the next increment.
  • Sometimes you will be outbid immediately; this is because another bidder has already placed a higher bid and you will have to go above that figure to be in the lead. Make sure you have sufficient funds to purchase whatever you’re bidding on, as once you commit to bidding, you are also committing to paying for any won Lots.
  • Bids may be placed right up to the time the item closes. To ensure fair play, if anyone places a bid in the closing 10 minutes of an item, the system will automatically extend the time by another ten minutes.
  • If you get outbid, it will also send you an email to inform you; however, we do encourage you to monitor the sale as well in case you do not receive these notifications.
  • After the online auction has finished, our team will download and check the results. An invoice will then be sent to the email address registered on your account. Also on the invoice will be the details of how to pay: either direct bank transfer or payment link using the card you registered with.
  • Once paid, we will assemble your items for collection or shipping.