Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ might be a nice bit of alliteration, and there is a degree of truth within the phrase. But when it comes to auctioned goods, it might be a little too harsh a description compared to the reality. You see, the age-old image of selling second-hand, unwanted goods now only represents a tiny part of many auctioneers’ stories. While others might still look after house clearances and antiques our work has changed dramatically. We are now a commercial auctioneer of quality stock for the reseller market.

Managing the UK’s ever-growing turnaround culture.

We sell last year’s ‘new’ and trash very rarely comes into it. Over 95% of the products in our auctions are still in their original boxes and in perfectly good condition. It really is like getting a brand new product at a fraction of the cost. What happens is this:

Store X buys in a batch of Brand Y’s latest television or laptop (let’s call it Model Z). It is advertised in the store, perhaps with a promotion, and maybe some customers have been waiting for it to come out. The stores sell Model Z in large quantities for the first few weeks and months. Over time, it becomes just another item on the shelf as a competing manufacturer brings out their latest model.

In the meantime, Brand Y has been working on and developing the next generation model and getting ready for its big launch. The following year, sales of Model Z have dwindled to an occasional purchase, and with news of a new launch Store X gets a directive from its Head Office to put it in the sale. A few more are sold in the store, and in the end, it is left with one ‘display model’ in a torn box, and without instructions, at a ‘silly’ price.

A nationwide clean-up operation…

The same story is happening all over the country. Unwanted, out of date, unused (but let’s face it – still fundamentally modern and brilliant) electronic equipment is adorning racking in warehouses. With uncertain futures, a constant reminder of tied-up capital, and taking up valuable shelf space, these products need disposal.

That is where companies like Haddon and Jones come into their own. Like a value-spotting, clean-up crew we take this unwanted ‘treasure’ and redistribute it to smart, savvy and switched-on resellers and traders with hungry crowds to feed. The word ‘trash’ is nowhere to be seen.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

Another adage that seems to imply that some people find things that are actually ugly, beautiful. Well, that may be the implication, but the truth is that people who truly understand value know a good deal when they see one. Some may be easily blinded by the skin-deep vanity of a brand new model, but there are still bargain-hunters out there who truly understand value. I would even go as far as to say that some of the beautiful things that come in and out of our auctions are enough to make the very pickiest of new buyers green with envy.

We really do live in a turnaround nation where market forces create great value for the astute. As far as our reseller customers are concerned, we believe the cycle will continue, and they will always be able to make a healthy profit from the latest new treasures that we have uncovered.

Selection of second-hand items